Sensible Spa

Skin and Body Therapy


offer professional  waxing from Brows to Brazilians (ladies only!) I use both hard wax and soft wax in my waxing services. Using the best  Hard wax insures perfect and painless results. The highest of sanitation and disinfection policies are observed so you can be sure your treatment is 100% clean, private and hygienic.

Lip …$10
Eyebrow with lip... $20
Full Face...$45
Bikini wax....$30
Brazilian (First time)… $55+
Brazilian wax…$45 (6-8+ weeks)
Seasoned Brazilian( prebooked w/in 4 weeks) …$40
***Tips  for a Happy and Healthy Wax:
  1. Ibuprofen, Advil or similar anti-inflammatory medicines help relieve any discomfort during           or after waxing.
  2. Waxing cannot be done for individuals on Accutane or using Retin-a.